Bungalow 1

Concrete Bungalows at Baan Sabai

This is the first of two spacey concrete bungalows at Baan Sabai in Koh Tao. The large built bungalows are laid back surrounded by green gardens and coconut palm trees. The bungalows can be rented for days, weeks or month and are an ideal accommodation for long-stayers on Koh Tao. The bungalows and rooms are not far from the center of the village (about 350 meters walking distance). In Sairee you will find all you need in several shops and markets. ATM machines are available on every corner and Sairee has 3 7/11 markets which are open around the clock.

Accommodation Koh Tao Thailand Bungalow 1 at Baan Sabai Sairee Bedroom


  • Room for 2 people
  • Spacious bedroom and lounge
  • Kitchen with fridge, toaster & water heater
  • Hot shower
  • Fan
  • Balcony

 Accommodation Prices 2011

  • Price daily :¬† 1300 Baths
  • Price weekly : 900 Baths / day
  • Price monthly : 600 Baths / day
  • >/ month : 500 Baths / day

Please contact us here for your reservation.

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